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Windows 8.1 Email Client (IMAP v4) - eLuk!

eLuk is Windows 8.1 Email client based on IMAP v4. The application allows user to specify email and password and fetch the folder/email from the email server.

Application Component

  • eLuk.User Interface: present folders/emails and other part of your mailbox.
  • eLuk.CommandEngine: handles the execution of request and response of IMAP server.
  • eLuk.Entity: is the business object's set which represent the entities of your mailbox. e.g. Folders/Message/Senders etc.
  • eLuk.MimeParser: is the parser to convert the IMAP response into business object which is define in eLuk.Entity
  • eLuk.Runtime: is the runtime environment for the eLuk Windows 8.1 email client, which uses the eLuk.CommandEngine and eLuk.Entity to store them locally and finally present the mailbox to eLuk.UI.
  • eLuk.Security: takes care of encryption/decryption of the email/password and locally saved content of the Windows 8.1 (IMAP v4)email client.

Note: I developed and tested the application using a gmail account.

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